Gastric Band Hypnosis

Weight lossGastric Band Hypnosis is proving to be one of the most effective weight loss treatments on the market to date. The physical surgery puts a band around the top of a patient’s stomach making a small pouch that food passes through before continuing on through the digestive system. The band restricts the amount of food that can pass through to the stomach and gives the patient the sensation of feeling full after less food.


Gastric band

By creating this small pouch in your stomach you feel satisfied with less food and your body releases the hormone GLP1 which is associated with the feeling of satisfaction or satiety.

Unhealthily eating habits can result in imbalances in the body and a reduction in satisfaction from food. When you overeat you condition your body to ignore it’s natural satiety and this often results in people not feeling satisfied after eating. The same is true is you have ever fasted, by fasting or starving yourself your going against your body’s natural signals to eat. As soon as eating something after starving yourself your body tries to retain as much of the nutrition as it can in your body’s cells.

With the gastric band you have to eat a healthy well balanced diet and there is a 12 week diet plan included.

food pyramid


A Gastric Band surgery helps to readjust imbalances by making a patient feel full after eating less food. The restriction of food passing through the stomach results in the release of GLP1 after only a small portion of food. This retrains the body overtime to feel satisfied with less and allows the patient to lose the weight at a healthy pace.


gastric band surgery

When you vividly visualize something(such as a surgery) the mind responds as if it is a reality. You’ll know that you have not been through the physical surgery, but on a subconscious level your mind will be responding to the procedure.  In hypnosis we are trying to do the same thing as the physical, help you loss weight by allowing you to feel satisfied after less food. So if you mental rehears and visualise yourself with a smaller stomach your mind will respond by releasing GLP1 after only a small amount of food and you will begin to feel satisfied after eating less.

In hypnosis we try to use imagery to create an emotional response, if you wanted your heart rate to go up, just thinking of you heart beating faster might work. But we could use imagery to help the process along and trigger a response.

(Imagine it’s the morning time and you have slept in for work, you leap out of bed quickly put your cloths on and run out the door to catch a bus for work. As you run to the bus you see it about to pull off so you have to run even faster to catch it. Racing down past all the other people on the street and as run a dog on a lead barks at you. Next thing the dog breaks free and is now chancing you as you run down the road trying to catch your bus for work.)


Bariatric-Surgery1Surgery is dramatic process and is the reality for a lot of people who are overweight; the imagery can have a strong impact on the subconscious and trigger a response. By using imagery and mentally rehearing you condition your subconscious to respond differently to food. If visualize the surgery and act as if you have been through the procedure you condition yourself to have a new response to food.


It works because if you want to change a habit you need to change your response to something and gastric band hypnosis works on changing your response to food.


Gastric Band Hypnosis is normally done over 2 sessions, but if you have other emotional eating issues related to food they may need to be addressed. I know cost is an issue for many people so I do include some self-hypnosis material to help you along, but you are your own best judge and will know if there are other issue that have to be dealt with. You’re psychologically training yourself to have a different response to food, if you went to a physical train they would probably want to work with you till you reached your target weight. Ideally I would like to work with you over 6 sessions, but I know this is not possible for everyone so I am happy to do what I can and then give you the tools to work with in your own time. At the end of the day it’s going to be you that does the work, hypnosis is only a therapeutic tool that is used to inspire a change of behavior within you. I’ve seen hundreds of people overcome their issues and completely turn there lives around. If you set yourself a clear goal and work towards it daily it will become a reality and remember the only way you can fail is if you quite!


Full Program Includes:

  • Identifying emotional triggers(In ordered to make lasting change, you need to know how you got to where you are now and by identifying your emotional triggers you will be able to deal with them in the future.)
  • Behavior modification(Once you have identified your emotional triggers you need to learn how to overcome them and how best to eliminate them in the future)
  • Gastric band hypnosis session(You will be brought through the hypnotic process of having your gastric band fitted.)
  • Gastric band adjustment(The gastric band can be adjusted and the hypnotic suggestions are reinforced.)
  • Behavior modification review(You will be under going a lot of emotional and physical changes and may find part of you wants to resist the process. Part of you may want to hold onto old habits and not want to change; we will work on helping you let go of any resistance to the changes.)
  • Self-image projection(Part of the material in this program uses self-image psychology to help you make lasting changes to yourself and learn the skills to go forward. You are constantly changing and your mind is like a muscle that needs to be kept healthy, along with your body. Good health is something that is progressively realised and is more about learning to enjoy the journey than reach a final destination.)

Full program comes with diet plan, self-hypnosis material, visualization worksheet and CD’s