Stop Smoking Hypnosis

In my early teens cigarettes took hold, through a combination of pier pressure and the fact I wanted to impress a girl I started smoking. Everyone in my family smoked so stealing the occasional cigarette was not noticed and as years went by I never questioned the habit.

Youth rarely considers the long term impact of something that seems like a bit of fun at the time.

Addiction was a common theme in my family and I have seen it take many people. So when it came time for me to quit cigarettes I had no point of reference to say this is what I must do and I can be free. In some ridiculous part of my mind I was still that teenager who thought smoking was cold and that if I gave up smoking I’d lose some part of my identity.

I thought of myself as a smoker and realised that in order to quit smoking I’d have to change my subconscious self-image.

Through trial and error I experimented with everything on the mark until I found hypnosis and the techniques I now use to help your people to stop smoking. My stop smoking hypnosis session works by helping you break away the connection you have with your self-image as a smoker. I had to let go of the teenage boy trying to impress that girl and once I let go of that key subconscious attachment it becomes almost effortless to stop smoking for good.

Stop smoking hypnosis help you to smash away that positive association you have with cigarettes and start a new life as a non-smoker. Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is different, but the process works and I’m continuously amazed that the positive impact hypnosis can have on people.

My mission in life these days is to help people through their issues and teach them the skins I was taught to overcome my negative habits. It’s always an honor to watch someone transform as they realise there own strength and overcome their problems. Helping people is by far the most wonderfully rewarding thing I have ever done and the techniques I use I have tested firstly on myself and now I try and share them with anyone who want help and to spared the word. If you want to change it is possible it just requires you to take action and realise that when it come to smoking there is no situation that justifies the occasional cigarette. I’m away here and really get existed about helping new people so if you want anymore information please let me know.


Riki Tiilikainen

NGH Certified Hypnotherapist. Dip. Psychology

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